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Visio Shapes and Stencils for Piping Isometrics
I made a stencil for piping isometrics. Your drag and drop make an attractive sketch.You can draw faster a rough sketch.

Now Creating Shapes for Visual Calculation on Visio
Calculation on the flowchart may visualize the process of calculation and make easy to understand than the calculation on a spread sheet. I wish to call it visual calculation. Now, I've created Visio shapes for such visual calculation. Here are shapes for decimal and logical calculculation.
And here you can find many other shapes. For example Visio Word Art, Magnifier, User Cells Editor, and so on

Study of Perspective View with Visio
I am now creating shapes for Perspective drawing
Here are shapes for 1-point, 2-point and 3-point perspective view.
I am now studing projective geometry to understand more about perspective drawing.
And I found any quadrangle can be the projection of a square, if view point is selected properly. You can see this in pdf document, in Visio.drawing or in Java applet.


Transparent Curved Touch Pen
I made touch pen for smart phone.
Touch pen with curved transparent spoon.
It is soft touch and high responce.
Plese call it Touch Spoon..


Visio Shapes, Stencils and sample drawings


Junichi Yoda
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